Poker Games

Casino Hold'em

Casino Hold'em Casino Hold'em takes all the best elements of Texas Hold'em and lets you go head to head against the dealer. In Casino Hold'em, you make the best five card hand with a combination of your two hole cards and the 5 community cards. In this online version, there are three possible bet types, which determine how your hand is made up and what the final payout is: Ante bet, bonus bet and Call bet. These three bets and payout variations keep the game fresh and exciting.

10 High Hold'Em

10 High Hold'Em This game is virtually identical to Casino Hold'em but with Bonus payouts based on 10 specific cards and their combinations.

Let Them Ride

Let Them Ride Let Them Ride is based on poker hand rankings, but is not played against a dealer or another player. It's essentially poker played backwards, where the player places a complete, three part bet first, then, as the cards are revealed, he decides whether to reduce his bets, or let them ride, depending on his predicted outcome of the cards. He is paid out according to the value of his bets and the final hand ranking. In this version, he also has an option of placing a bonus bet for additional payouts depending on the final hand.

Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow Poker Pai-Gow Poker is a modern hybrid of the ancient Chinese game Pai-Gow and today's poker. In it the player goes head to head against the dealer. The dealer and player both get dealt seven cards. The object is to create both a five card and a two card hand which both beat the dealer's five card and two card hands. Hand rankings are standard poker hand rankings. In this game, players can choose the House Way rules where the dealer or computer chooses the highest ranking hands for them, eliminating the possibility of a mistake. After the player and dealer finish creating their hands they compare to see who has the higher hand. To win the hand, both your five card and two card hands have to be higher than the dealer's. If one is higher and one is lower, it's a push and you bet is returned. If the player and dealer both have identical hands, the dealer wins.

Tri-Card Poker

Tri-Card Poker In Tri-Card Poker, the dealer and the player are both dealt three cards. Before dealing the cards, the player has three betting options; Pair Plus, Ante or both. In Pair Plus, the player bets that he'll get a pair or better. With an Ante bet, the player is simply betting against the dealer's hand. After dealing, the player can raise his bets by an equal amount. If the dealer's hand does not quality with a pair or better it's a push and the bet is returned. Alternatively, if it's a tie, that's also a push and the money is returned. If the player wins, he's paid out based on his hand and according to the payout schedule.