Table and Blackjack Games


Baccarat In Baccarat, one of the oldest Casino Games still being played, you bet on which of the two hands, Banker or Player, that are about to be dealt will be closer to 9, or if it's going to be a tie. The two hands are then dealt, each with either two or three cards. If you chose the winning hand, you get paid out according to the various table limits and payout schedule. If the Player and Banker hands have the same value, the hand is called a Tie. Either way, this quick paced game is much more cerebral and strategic than meets the eye.

Multi Hand European Blackjack

Multi Hand European Blackjack With blackjack you pit your skills and luck against the dealer's. The goal is to get a higher hand than the dealer with a total value as close to 21 as possible without going over. In all blackjack games, you and the dealer can either hit or stay. Hitting means asking for another card to get you closer to 21 and staying means you don't want any more cards. In European Blackjack, if you get a face card and an ace, you've got Blackjack and you automatically win. Go over 21, and you bust, losing the hand straight away even if the dealer busts, too. With European rules, the dealer has to hit on hands at or below 16 and stand on hands at 17 or above. Keep this in mind when deciding how to act with your hand.

Multi hand Vegas Strip Blackjack

Multi Hand Vegas Strip Blackjack This is regular Strip Blackjack with several twists. First of all, the player has the opportunity to play up to 5 hands, increasing his odds tremendously. With these rules, if there is an Ace or a 10, J, Q or K showing the in the dealer's hand, he must "peak" first for Blackjack, even before the player's turn. If he has blackjack, he collects the player's losing hands immediately. While the dealer must stand on hands 17 and above, he has the option to hit or stand for hands 16 and below. The player may double on any first two cards as well as doubling after the split. He may also re-split twice on an already split hand but is not permitted to re-split Aces. All the other rules regarding buying insurance, pushes, etc…are standard blackjack rules. Just watch out for those 5 hands!


Craps In Craps, a roll of the dice could determine your future! But don't let that fool you, the odds are potentially in your favor if you know how to bet. The object of Craps is to bet on what the outcome of the next roll of the dice is going to be. There are two basic types of bets, either with the house (Don't Pass Line bet) or against the house (Pass Line bet). These possible bets are then broken down further into many other bet options which change the odds and determine the payouts when your predicted roll comes out and you win. Don't get scared away by the seeming complexity and crazy lingo of the game, it's a very exciting game and pretty easy to grasp.

European Roulette

European Roulette Get ready to be mesmerized as the little ball spins and spins, and where he stops, no one knows. And that's where the fun comes in, as you bet on where that little ball is going to land on the wheel with 36 stops. For the highest returns, you can bet on the actual number that you think it will land on, called a straight bet. To cover your odds more, you can bet on half the wheel, with the final color (black or red), odd or even, or groups of numbers (0-18 or 19 to 36). There are also possible betting combinations with odds somewhere in the middle. Spin the wheel today.

American Roulette

American Roulette American Roulette is an inflated version of European Roulette, in that it has 38 stops instead of 36, with Zero and Double Zero. These extra two stops change the odds, payout table and increase the betting combinations. American Roulette has some of the most intriguing betting combinations and exciting action at the casino tables, with Inside and Outside Bets, Straight Up and Split Bets, Street, Corner and Line Bets and so many more. For real casino action, give American Roulette a shot, today.

Red Dog

Red Dog Red Dog, also known as Yablon, Ace Deuce, In Between or Between the Sheets is a single hand game where the dealer places two cards face up and you bet if the third card dealt is between them. After the first two cards are dealt, the player decides to raise based on the spread between the cards. If the two cards are paired and the third card is the same, the house pays 11 to 1.


War No real strategy here, you're just going head to head against the casino to see who gets the higher card. If you both get the same card, you "go to war" by burning, or placing three cards face down. The fourth card decides the winner. This simple but fast paced game will bring you back to your childhood, for better or for worse.