Bovada Casino produces rare Royal Flush Strike and $112k Payout

It's rare, but at Bovada Casino it has become a reality. A royal flush, wow! That's what a lucky player has just won here at Bovada Casino. The best payouts can be found right here. It certainly doesn't happen every day, but happen it did. Douglas P. is the lucky recipient of the prestigious win.

Let Em Ride, Game of Choice

Let Em Ride is a solo Poker game which was chosen by the lucky winner. His game of choice was Let 'Em Ride, which is a one-person poker game that gifted him the victory of s lifetime. The game offers payouts on every hand containing a minimum of one pair of 10s.

1,000:1 Payout!

Three-hole cards created a lucky strike. With a simple, $10 raise, Douglas managed to win the big one: a Royal Flush! That's 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace. There can be no better hand than that. The chances of winning a Royal Flush are akin to finding a fortune in gold lying on the street, virtually non-existent. After the second round of high tension wagering with a fevered brow, our Douglas managed to land a Royal Flush, to his utter amazement. The magic touch was raising bets by just $10 when a community card was added to his flush. His final round of betting produced the last card to complete his Royal Flush. In the process, Douglas managed to win the full, 100% Progressive Jackpot for a total payout of $111,879!

In the meantime

The progressive jackpot for Let 'Em Ride has already increased from zero to $13,000, in just a short while, so the action starts again, and the pot is already increasing healthily.

Bovada Casino is the place to be

Bovada Casino is the place to be right now. Besides Douglas' impressive win, there have been many other lucky players at Bovada Casino. The games are smooth and exciting; the bonuses never stop coming, in fact, the Welcome Bonus is a very impressive 100% Bonus, up to a whopping $500. There are more than 120 top quality games, and the casino offers superb customers service and everything a player would want from an online casino. The promotions and bonuses are ongoing, generous and exciting, offering real chances to win and have fun while you are doing it. If you love Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Video Poker, themed slots and progressives, then Bovada is the right casino for you. If you prefer mobile gaming, the Bovada Mobile version of the casino is streamlined and beautifully designed and crafted to appeal to all types of players. This version is compatible with most mobile devices, iOS and Android, tablets and smartphones. The graphics are crystal clear, and the games have been modified and optimised specifically for mobile devices. Since Bovada Casino was founded in December 2011, over a quarter of a million bets, have been placed at the casino along with an impressive 1.2 billion rounds of Blackjack. No doubt the trust that Bovada Casino instils in players is a major factor in the casino's success over the last five years.